Wald’s Executive Line Lexus LS 460

For the Tokyo Auto Salon, Japanese tuner company Wald International outfitted a 2010 Lexus LS 460 Sport with their Executive Line body kit and Renovatio wheels:

Wald International Lexus LS 460 Sport

Wald International Lexus LS 460 Sport

Wald’s tendency to overcomplicate the simple Lexus design is too over-the-top for my tastes, especially with the front-fender vents and the massive 22” Renevatio wheels, but it isn’t hard to see the appeal of muscling up the LS with some more aggressive lines.

Superb photography as well, here’s the full gallery:

[Source: Winding Road]



  1. Whoa! Two things new to me:
    - a tuned car where the wheels look rather nice and fit the car rather well
    - the wheels (which I honestly like) are less to complain about than the cheap bodywork. I like aggressiveness, but I hate things that don’t appear professional.

    Overall, the bodywork is alright, but I think my disgust has something to do with the lower front fascia and the rear diffusers that look like those of little, plastic, ricey RC toys - as if Lexus doesn’t have enough plastic parts already.

  2. It’s OK but yes like other people say it’s a little too busy on the body kit. Some of Wald’s past body kits were more clean and conservative, which I don’t know why they don’t do anymore. I think the 2007-2009 Wald LS body kit is better.

  3. WOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Simply and wonderful !! What a great tune!!!8-)8-);-)

  4. I’m really diggin the rims….do they make 19s?