Lexus LX 570 Sports Luxury Package Released in Australia

Lexus LX 570 Sports Luxury from Australia

The 2010 Lexus LX 570 is getting the sports treatment down under, as Lexus Australia is releasing the supersize SUV with a muscular body kit as part of new Sports Luxury package:

Lexus LX 570 Sports

Lexus LX 570 Sports Rear

There’s something ill-fitting about that front bumper and the way it overlaps, but I do like the reverse trapezoid air intake mirroring the grille. The rear bumper looks quite fussy in the creases, but with only one photo to go on, it’s tough to judge.

Some more photos:

The LX 570 Sports Luxury will retail for $165,400 AUD and will likely be limited to Australia—you can find out more information on the Lexus Australia website.

[Via: The Motor Report]



  1. Nice package. I like it when Lexus gives more choices in options. I think the front bumper fits but the rear bumper a little bit less so. It seems like Japan and other select countries get some nice customizations or packages but stateside we miss out, but not all the time though.

  2. It’s not the best design, but I do like how the bumpers look much stronger now and the wheels much more fitting.

    (And at this time, I go on the Lexus USA website and look at the LX pictures. Annoyingly, now the wheels look more fitting in those pictures too. The whole car looks better now. Freakin’ optical illusions… aha) raspberry

  3. Like I said on ClubLexus:

    Looks really awful. Can’t believe it’s real.

    They really ruined it. Thank god this “package” won’t be coming to the US.

  4. Am I the only one that like it…. i think it makes it look more ‘aggressive’...doing the math they really charge a premium for the LX (or any lexus for the matter) in Auz.

  5. This body kit has the same problem as in the LS Sport ie it looks too tacky. The LX design seems to be ageing quite fast & the body looks oversize compared to the wheels with the body kit on. IMO the Toyota LC looks better.

  6. This can’t be for real. That looks so extremely tacky. Like a cheap after market body kit tacked on. I would think Lexus would redesign the bumper covers instead of adding on these cheesy body kits.

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