Rumor: Lexus GS F to have LFA V10 Engine

Lexus GS F by Best Car

Japanese magazine Best Car is reporting that Lexus is working on a GS F that would pair the current sedan with the LFA’s 4.8L V10 engine.

It seems unlikely to be true, especially the idea that Lexus would be working on a variant of the oldest sedan in the lineup, and is probably wishful thinking on the part of Best Car. While the LFA’s V10 is be lighter and smaller than the IS F’s 5.0L V8, it’s also prohibitively expensive.

Perhaps the strongest point in favor of this rumor would be Lexus stretching out the V10 engine’s development cost, but there’s practically no chance this is coming to the current GS.


While searching for a better quality image than the one above, I found this GS F rendering from Motor Trend Road & Track that I hadn’t seen before, which also mentions using the LFA’s V10:

That’s about as successful a GS/IS F merger as I can picture—beautifully done.

[Source: Best Car via Carscoop]



  1. Lexus Europe says that the LFA’s V10 is bespoke and not headed for the GS F, and AutoBlog says that the statement does not rule out a derivative of the V10 - possibly a direct-injection and port-injection?! mmm… tasty

  2. while I would love to see a V-10 GS F.. how expensive will this thing be $120,000 +?  I think i nice price would be around $75-80,000

  3. Isn’t the next generation GS due this year? I think that if any of this is true, we won’t see the GS F untill 2011 or even later.

    The only way I could see Lexus using the V10 from the LFA is if they wanted to stick it into other F-models. They might be able to cut costs that way.

  4. @James: If Lexus is taking this long… Lexus better be preparing for something good. Maybe a GS, GSh, and GS F triplet at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show? hmm

  5. @WorldofLuxury: The next generation GS is going to have to be much better than the last. Especially since the GS is having so many quality problems right now.

    I hope Lexus does unveil all three models at the same time, that would be pretty cool. smile

  6. I just got to thinking though, the GS hybrid got a face lift for 2010. Will they replace it this year anyway with the 2011 GSh? gasp

  7. if i had a dollar for every time i saw that second picture…it looks great though. almost too real. wink

  8. @joshd: the article says in the lower right corner the car would be between $70.000 and $80.000.

  9. wow

    imagine a 560hp GS goes for M5&E-AMG with sleek lines as XF

    i love that dream

    & hope it comes true

  10. My biggest concern is if they do V10, I wonder what it’ll cost.

    James did bring up something I didn’t realize: if they just facelifted the hybrid GS, wouldn’t we expect the current generation GS to be around longer beyond 2011?

    For this generation I was really hoping they would have a sports appearance package like the 2010 LS but with F-Sport parts they have one reason less not to make one. I really liked that F-Sport GS shown at the recent SEMA.

  11. @Wunko: They just added some bits, probably to just get a few more Lexus know-it-alls, to have an excuse to raise the price, and to just show a that Lexus is committed to hybrids (making distinctions). Those bits aren’t much of a trouble, and I’m hoping that Lexus was just trying to buy some time or was simply going with the interval set for the GS-lineup.

  12. WorldofLuxury:@James: If Lexus is taking this long… Lexus better be preparing for something good. Maybe a GS, GSh, and GS F triplet at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show? hmm

    Don’t count on it. In fact, the Lexus brand doesn’t even have a press conference scheduled for the 2010 Detroit Auto Show. Just Toyota for the Kermit the Frog green stretched iQ-looking concept that previews a new sub-Prius hybrid.

    Also, Krew, that second GS F rendering is from Road & Track, not Motor Trend.

  13. @jruhi4: Well, better to kill our dreams now than later, eh? aha

    I wish that the LS will maintain a stately look inside and out for the future while the GS regains itself by being both stately and sleek and sexy. The GS F should be priced at around that of the LS 460 L’s, offering a rich interior with optional real leather and more wood all around. Maybe sliding glass roof like this of the Toyota FT-HS Concept: See this picture (can’t post pictures from NetCarShow). Maybe we can have landaulet, targa, coupe, and full convertible all in one.

    The 5-series and the E-class do well not only because of the badges but also because they aren’t worse than their flagship brothers while also being much better than the 3-er and C-class. The 5-er and E-class are just smaller and sleeker than the 7 and S - one reason why the long-wheelbase 5, E, and A6 do so well in China. Since the SC is built on the GS platform, I think the GS can do really well if it is simply an SC but roomier.

    blah… I’m losing myself. kinda hard to make a point

  14. @WorldofLuxury:

    I think that Lexus is straying a little bit from it’s Luxo-mobile image, which might be good (we’ll see). Just kind of miss the simplicity of earlier cars… <<sigh>>.
    But anyways, I’d love to see Lexus put that V10 into a future LS-F model (or even better, an LSf-Ah). I don’t know whether or not the GS can take so much power. But I quite like the GS, there’s something strangely avant-garde about it (probably the plastic dash…). The prospect of a sleek, handsome, midsized V10 GS is also nice breath of fresh air. 

    Also, WoL, I think I get what you’re saying. I was thinking the same thing. Lexus needs to divide their model range a little more, but do it without downgrading the smaller models; but upgrading the higher-end models. Right now, you can get into an LS and a ES without feeling much difference. Then you get into the IS or GS and it’s like listening to the London Philharmonic and afterwards listening to an old hip-hop record—there’s just some invisible barrier in between. Not that they’re not comfortable, it’s just that the IS and GS sacrifice too many things to be sporting.

    Additionally, as many said earlier, there is always the issue of pricing. A V10 won’t be too cheap. If the GS ends up costing as much as an LS, I’d take the LS instead because of the huge gap in luxury amenities. The reason an IS-F is still worth it when compared to the GS is because there’s no huge gap in features.

  15. @4tD: Thanks for your help. I’m 100% with you except… You can never have too much POOOOOWWWWWWWWEEEERRRR! Little compromise is what we need, or else, what is the point of owning a Lexus? Quality and reliability? [Worsening] Customer service? I think the competitors have pretty much caught on late in this decade. Lexus vehicles deserve to be re-recognized as the car that WOOOOOWWWWWs people. Jezza needs to be willing to drive a Lexus on Top Gear and always have a chance to say, “I know it’s a Lexus, BUT LOOK AT THAT! OH, and WATCH THIS! SWEEEET!”

    ...and back to your point, I am very annoyed that in the LS, people can say that they can get the same stuff in the smaller models; I am annoyed that in the LX, I don’t always feel like I own the “father” of all Lexus vehicles; I am very annoyed that if Lexus wants to move up its flagships, Lexus is gonna raise the price while degrading the lower-end models.

    Finally, I am okay with BMW being good at things because Bimmers are great cars that don’t get in Lexus’ way, but I am not okay with Mercedes-Benz slightly becoming more appealing to me than Lexus - thank god their ML has a love-it-hate-it look.

  16. @jruhi4: Thanks for that, jruhi4, I found the photo in a thread discussion Motor Trend and just assumed. crying

  17. Looks like someone (photo)chopped an IS-F front half & fitted it to the GS raspberry

  18. WorldofLuxury:<A href=”#c_19971”>
    I wish that the LS will maintain a stately look inside and out for the future while the GS regains itself by being both stately and sleek and sexy. 

    I too am keeping my fingers crossed for the next gen LS (& GS), especially since Lexus ruined what was already a near perfect design with the facelifted LSh, which was not at all befitting for a flagship model. crying
    Guess we’ll have to wait till 2012 to find out…
    PS : The 2010 LSh launched in N.America doesn’t have the night vision system shown in the Japanese website. Another bugger…  mad

  19. @WorldofLuxury: Agree with you, expect for the Jezza part LOL .
    What bout the new 760Li ? SWWWEEEEEET , now that’s a flagship & it only costs $35K more than a 750Li with full options.
    @LEXUS- Please give us a flagship V12 LS with full interior customisation !
    Oh just woke up, I was dreaming crying

  20. @4tD:
    Do you guys think that Lexus is making too many compromises? Are many of the models treated as if they were the Porsche Cayman of the Lexus lineup or the Cayman of the entire auto industry?

    I’m referring to one of Jezza’s point that I agree with completely. The Porsche Cayman wasn’t engineered to be as best as it could be. It fits inbetween the Boxter and 911 far too perfectly, and you just know that it was all intended. The Cayman could’ve easily been better than the base 911, and that, of course, wasn’t acceptable.

  21. @WorldofLuxury: I do believe Lexus is ignoring what the Germans’ have been doing for several years like offering custom colors, interior trims, V12 engines etc for fear of being branded a copycat once again. So they’ve decided that they should lead in some way, hence the Hybrids. But now that they’ve established leadership in that area, Lexus should learn from those Germans again.
    I’m highly impressed by the facelifted S-class (& forthcoming CL), new 760Li, new A8 interior etc, while Lexus seems to be beating themselves with the ugly stick - LSh facelift, ES facelift, RX, HS. crying