Lexus LF-A vs. Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR: A Virtual Nürburgring Race

Similar to the virtual Lexus LF-A vs. Nissan GT-R race we saw a couple months ago, this split-screen racing footage has the LF-A (top) up against the 600bhp Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR on the Nürburgring:

When you consider the traffic the LF-A has to deal with, there’s no telling how much faster it could have gone. Love this POV driver footage.

(Thanks Roberto!)



  1. lol
    Despite the traffic, it’s obvious that the electronics are helping the LFA around the corners, while the Viper’s immense power is helping the ACR along the straights.

  2. WOW!!!
    LF-something did it

    and (WorldofLuxury)
    am with you in the first issue LFA is better in corners due to the electronics
    but in straight it seems also better or the same as viper
    i didn’t see the viper take advantage on the straight in this video

  3. just as long as it comes out soon…

  4. DAMN !

    Even with traffic the LF-A kept taking the lead….god damn its fast….when it got caught in traffic the viper pulled ahead but the LF-A caught up and passed it…..jesus. Sorry viper 600 hp is not enough!

    Ultimate Lexus.

  5. now that I looked at the video again…

    Usually, these videos are just meh…, but in the LFA, you can actually feel the vehicle defy gravity. That’s just amazing.

  6. what really impressed me was the handling. even at those speeds, the guy in the LFA is barely giving effort while the viper driver is tearing his fingers off to make a turn. if the LFA alone is this fast, i cant imagine the speed of the LFA-F!(if they make one that is smile )

  7. yeah, it looks like the LFA just can’t quench its thirst for speed. it’s like it has fluid acceleration - i love that feeling. powerful, flowing acceleration where the car just can’t get enough rather than can’t take anymore. the LFA is gonna be big.

  8. Race prep’d LF-A vs. stock ACR.  LOL   I’ll take an ACR for 1/4 or the prce please