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Lexus LFA & Nissan GT-R Virtual Race on Nürburgring

What started as a video comparison between Nissan Falken Z33 and GT-R Nürburgring laps ends up giving a small taste of how the Lexus LFA stacks up against Nissan’s Godzilla.

Quick explanation before watching the video—the screen is divided into top and bottom portions: the top is a front-view of the Falken Z33 and the bottom is a front-view of the GT-R. What makes the whole thing even more interesting part is that the Z33 is following the LFA, which looks to be keeping up quite readily with the GT-R’s pace.

(Last thing, these cars are not on the track at the same time):

In the end, the Falken Z33 can’t keep up with the LFA, but judging from the gap between the two Nissans, I would say the LFA turned in a very respectable time.

(Thanks Roberto!)