Lexus Enform Video Demonstration

This video preview of the Lexus HS 250h by The First Lemming has something we haven’t seen before, an actual demonstration of the new Lexus Enform telematic system:

The demonstration is obviously a simple case—the drivers could have entered the destination directly into the navigation—but it’s hard to discount the exceptional convenience that this voice service will provide, especially when considering the in-motion navigation lockout in all Lexus’.

(Also, this video features Charles Hubbard from Lexus College, which makes it a must-watch by default.)



  1. the lexus enform woman sounds really nice! lol

  2. wow lol thats cool.

  3. Asking a human being for directions by voice. Fantastic! With this system and remote touch, M-B, BMW, and Audi are probably scrambling back to their drawing boards.

  4. MB has this, its called tele-aid. You can ask for directions, or you can also send your own directions to your car via google maps.

    and GM has by far the only company that relies on this technology through on-star

  5. OnStar and SYNC are pretty awesome. There are many cars these days that have such a feature if they don’t have a nav.

    I wish Lexus could make something like the SYNC and let us watch movies and listen to music in the popular compressed formats.

  6. Indeed, but they don’t have anything remotely as intuitive as remote touch (as mentioned).

  7. HS250h is gonna be msrp $33,000 same as ES basically

  8. I’m impressed with the options Enform subscribers now have for setting up navigation destinations:

    1. By hand, directly into the Nav.
    2. Sending destination from computer to vehicle.
    3. Asking Enform operator to beam it to vehicle.

    Too cool.