Lexus Pebble Beach Song Download

When the Pebble Beach editions of the RX, ES, & LS were announced last year, Lexus broadcast the following commercial:

As is the case with many commercials, the accompanying music generated a lot of interest — so much that I did some research and discovered the musician responsible was Kael Alden, who works for a company called Robot Repair.

Now, at that time last year, there was mention of releasing the track on iTunes, but just last week Kael himself posted a comment here pointing at an MP3 of the track, named Where You Belong– here’s a preview:


(If you’d like a copy, just right click here and select Save As… to download onto your computer.)



  1. sounded better in the commercial lol

  2. the voice sounds great—so masculine.

  3. If you say so!

  4. Does anyone know who does the voice-overs on the Lexus ads?

  5. I was a bit afraid to say it, but I agree with you, Josh. lol

  6. ok actually im kinda digging it for a while. after you get past the weird beginning, the chorus with the woman saying “impossible, make me feel” etc starts getting good

  7. Thanks Josh,

    I’ve never seen that ad before but it’s hilarious.

  8. Yeah, that IS-F commercial with Sloyan is priceless.