Lightweight Lexus IS-F Planned

Lexus IS-F

Although it seems like a rehash of known information, German Dutch magazine Autotelegraaph reports that Lexus will not only release a coupe/convertible version of the IS in 2009, but that work continues on a lightweight IS-F. Motor Trend summarizes:

Autotelegraaph reports that Lexus has been channeling Lotus and already has a lightened test model running that applies a variety of techniques to bring down the weight and thereby bring up the performance. Unfortunately, Lexus also confirmed that there will be no GS-F or IS F convertible. The IS 350 C will be getting a hard top convertible, and Lexus hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a diesel powered IS.

Not that I don’t applaud the continued efforts into performance-oriented vehicles, but when you take into account the supressed sales in the US, I would think the focus would be on higher-volume models. Still, this could very well be a continuation of the IS-F’s grassroot beginnings, and there’s no real harm in boosting the performance profile of the company, that’s for sure.

[Source: Motor Trend]



  1. “... and Lexus hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a diesel powered IS.”

    There _is_ a diesel powered IS (2.2 i4, 177hp, manual), so does this mean a new engine, introduction outside Europe or what?

  2. Lexus is really starting to bore me now. All the German rivals have brought out something to excite their fans and the entire world with…while Lexus… I excited? No. Was I very fond of the LX? Not really. How about the LS? eh…

    It always seems to me that Lexus can do a lot, but they just don’t give their projects their best shot.

    And I know that the LF-A is under pressure like any other Italian supercars. Turbo/super-chargers these days are better than ever…but that’s not an excuse to admit failure. Why can’t they go back to making the LF-A a hybrid with the electric motor running the front wheels only during full throttle? Wouldn’t that make a better halo car?!

    The LF-A still needs to be the fastest on the Nurburgring, or else, there’s no point of it…bragging rights is what it needs at this moment.

    They have the money, don’t they?!?!??!

    Lexus seems hopeless right now. sad

  3. Autotelegraaph is dutch, check the Url: .nl = Netherlands

  4. @Lex Rida: Right you are. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. engine car truck part

    This lexus will definitely going fast. Put some turbo and other performance part in there (lightweight parts ofcourse) it will go super fast.