Lexus places third in JD Power Initial Quality Study

JD Power Initial Quality

The 2008 JD Power Initial Quality Study has been released, and Lexus has placed third overall and just one point under Infiniti for second place.

The lineup is well represented In the individual segments, with both the LS and RX placing first in their respective groups. Here’s a full breakdown:

  • Large Premium Car: LS (1st place)
  • Midsize Premium Car: ES (Tie for 3rd)
  • Midsize Premium MAV: RX (1st place)
  • Midsize Premium MAV: GX (2nd place)

The real story with this year’s study is the significant gains shown throughout the industry, where almost 75% of the 36 brands showed major improvements:

Overall quality improves to 118 problems per 100 vehicles (PP100) in 2008, down from 125 PP100 in 2007.

“Due to some strong new-vehicle launches, in addition to a continued reduction in the level of defects and malfunctions, overall quality improves by 6 percent in 2008, compared with 2007,” said David Sargent, vice president of automotive research at J.D. Power and Associates. “This gain is driven not only by strong advances from many of the high-volume brands such as Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota, but also by very significant improvements by many other automakers.”

The largest jump in quality was Audi, who moved from 26th place to 10th. More importantly to Lexus is the jump exhibited by Infiniti, who went from 9th last year to 2nd.

[Source: JD Power



  1. Is there a convertible in the near future besides the SC430?

  2. A convertible Lexus IS has been spotted, though nothing has been confirmed by Lexus.

  3. I have a question and not a comment. Why is it that Lexus has perfected most features in it’s fine line of luxury cars, however, the paint on bumpers easily ships off? What causes the paint to ship off so quickly? You would think that with all the R&D money spent on these fine cars, you would have solved that anoying problem years ago. Please respond.  Thank you

  4. I wish I had an answer for you, Anon. I also have chips in my bumper, and it irritates me to no end.

  5. Recent Lexus models use a more environmentally, less toxic paint, which however is more vulnerable to chipping.  Older models also get chips due to wear and tear but use a more resistant paint formula, from what I’ve read.