Flickr Find: Lexus SC, Oakland Style

If these first-gen Lexus SC’s are any indication, Oakland rolls with a style all of its own:

Oakland Gaudy Lexus 1

Oakland Gaudy Lexus 2

Both of these photos were captured by Oakland resident Kitty Holmes, who was lucky enough to glimpse these wonders in real life.



  1. I’ve seen both of these cars here in Oakland!!!
    Glad to find a picture of the one. I was with my mom or sister, can’t remember and was trying to point one of them out but they missed it. Now I can just link em here.

  2. Town Bizznezz!! this how we do it in da town. nuthin but luxury srapes huggin dem thangs!!

  3. Tell me there’s more of these SCs floating around Oakland. Have any photos?

  4. thats how da Town do. and they both in the west. don’t get it twisted the west got some of the nicest rides in the town. thats 10th & Mandella all day