Lexus Press Conference @ Frankfurt 2007

The Auto Channel has posted the full Lexus press conference from the 2007 IAA Frankfurt Auto Show, presented by Karl Schlicht, Vice President of Lexus Europe:

For the most part, the press conference confirms my earlier thoughts on Lexus’ presence in Frankfurt, revealing no new information, but there’s another side to it. With his singular focus on hybrid technology, Schlicht reveals a clear European strategy, and for all the right reasons: 80% of RX owners in Europe opt for the hybrid version, so the technology is obviously of great appeal.

As further proof, it was announced today that Lexus will launching a £6 million hybrid marketing campaign in the UK.

What’s interesting is the duality of the Lexus brand in Europe, with their current emphasis on the environmental benefit of hybrid technology, only to supplant it with the release of the IS-F in early 2008. A tough act to balance, to be sure, but handled successfully, Lexus stands to finally make inroads into the European market, which seems to be a number one priority.



  1. Also, the IS-F will be a halo car in more ways than one, particularly exclusivity…according to Lexus GB only 150 IS-F will be allocated to the UK, compared to far more hybrids.

  2. Lets hope the True Halo Car will be at Tokyo the LFA that will be a very good day for all lexus fans

  3. @Dan: I had read that number myself, and I have to say I’m more than a little surprised. Is it a case of keeping expectations low or increasing the IS-F’s profile through rarity? I believe it’s the latter, but I’m always wary of artificial scarcity.

    @Jarret: I agree, with the LF-A’s release date fast approaching, we should finally see the production version at the Tokyo Motor Show, and I’m certainly looking forward to it.