Lexus’ Future is Upscale Only

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Automotive News has revealed a number of significant facts about the future of Lexus, and it’s strictly upscale — with no plans to release a sub-$30,000 vehicle, Lexus will not be attempting to match their German competitors car-for-car, instead focusing their current lineup and all new vehicles at high-end segments.

Broken down, what does it look like? Here we are:

IS: The IS-F will be released late this year, with a coupe and hard-top convertible version following in 2008 and 2009, respectively.

ES: A hybrid ES will be seen in 2009, a mid-cycle refresh in 2010, and a redesign in 2012.

GS: No changes (what about the GS 460?) are planned, though the 350’s V6 will be bored out to 3.5 litres in 2008.

SC: A long overdue redesign will be coming for 2009, with a significant drop in weight and a displacement increase to 4.6 litres.

Hybrid: A dedicated hybrid, once rumored for 2009, then 2010, is now scheduled to be released in 2012. It may be a small crossover, and would only be for Japanese and European markets, at least in the short-term.

RAV4: The most interesting news here is talk of a Toyota-based Lexus built on the RAV4 platform, though this may be the dedicated hybrid mentioned above. It could be for Japanese and European markets only.

RX: The RX will be redesigned for early 2009 and released as a 2010 model.

GX: A redesign is expected for Fall 2009, where a six-speed automatic transmission may be added.

JX: Expected in 2009, the JX will be a seven-seat crossover and be based off the GS platform.

I dislike these summary-style news items, though it does confirm a number of things, like the JX and IS Coupe/Convertible versions. With no mention of the GS 460, I question how accurate the report is, but will hold out hope for the RAV4-based Lexus, which I could see dominating the small crossover market.

[Via: Autoweek]



  1. A ES hybrid that is interesting concept i wonder what the power plant will be maybe the Gs450. Since the 3.5 is the already in the es 350

  2. Possibly, another option would be the 3.3L in the RX400h.

  3. Good Point, I totally forgot about that hybrid system. And they did put it in the new Highlander.