Popping sound in rear new thread

Apologize up front fo the long thread.

After a repair shop replaced my sway/stabilizer end links and that didn’t help (they put my old ones back on no charge) and couldn’t find the popping sound in the back of the RX. I took it to Lexus and they hooked up microphones under my RX350 with 56600 miles.
The best they could do was tell be they think it’s the shocks.
I still had warranty on my rear shocks so I took it back to the shop that installed the KYB Shocks.
The popping sound seemed to go away for a while but is back.
I have been told they may have used ratchet and tighten to much or tighten when tires not on the ground. Was also told that the sway/stabilzer bushings maybe bad.
I have decided to replace the bushings myself since they are so easy to access without raising the car. Then going to loosen the shock bolts and retighten, torque to 80 to 100 if I can easily get to the nuts.
For some reason I am having trouble finding Rear sway/stabilizer bar bushings. I find a lot of Front bolt to fram but no rear.
Anyone have a link or what I might be doing wrong. I don’t want to get from the Lexus dealer.


What year, and if KYB quickstruts, they seem to be having qc issues recently with loose strut mounts causing popping noises.