SEMA 2022: Lexus LX Alpine Concept & GX Overland Concept

Lexus is going big with overlanding at SEMA this year, with both the LX & GX getting an extensive offroad treatment.

LX 600 Alpine Lifestyle Concept

Built by Hiraku, the LX 600 Alpine Lifestyle Concept is outfitted with a Dissent offloading body kit , JAOS carbon fiber fenders, and Vossen HF6-4 20-inch wheels. Most of all, though, is the extensive YETI collaboration featured throughout the vehicle.

Lexus LX Alpine Specs

GX 460 Overland Concept

Starting with a 2022 GX 460 Blackline Edition, Cruiser Outfitters built out the GX 460 Overland Concept with a focus on maximum capability. An Old Man Emu suspension offers increased ground clearance and higher load capability to support gear, and the front CBI bumper supports its winch mounting with recovery points and an increased approach angle for technical trails.

Lexus GX Overland Concept

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