Lexus Debuts Two Modified IS Sedans at SEMA

Lexus has teamed up once again with race car drivers Scott Pruitt & Townsend Bell, this time on a pair of modified IS sedans for the SEMA car show.

Lexus IS Scott Pruett

Lexus IS Townsend Bell

Lexus breaks down all the modifications in their press release — these are very evolved builds with plenty of great details. Great job, Scott & Townsend!

Also on display was the 2022 Lexus LX F SPORT in black, which is about as awesome as you would expect:

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Rob Grieveson

I am not so happy about these F models. This is not a Lexus strongpoint.
Folk buy Lexus because they are luxurious, very comfortable and do not give any problems. Leave the sporty nonsense to the Germans please.