New Lexus All-Electric BEV Model Coming in 2022

Today Lexus announced the sale of more than two million hybrid vehicles since the RX 400h went on sale in 2005. With so many hybrids sold, the numbers are quite staggering:

  • Lexus now sells nine models of electrified vehicles, including HEVs and BEVs, in approximately 90 countries and regions
  • In 2020, 33% of the Lexus models sold globally were of the electrified variety.
  • Since 2005, Lexus electrified vehicles have contributed to a cumulative reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 19 million tons. This reduction is equivalent to the combined CO2 output of approximately 300,000 passenger cars each year for the past 15 years.
  • By 2025, Lexus will introduce 20 new or improved models, including more than 10 BEVs, PHEVs and HEVs.
  • That year is also the target for the brand to offer electrified vehicle options across the entire Lexus product range. The future expectation is that the sales of electrified models will exceed that of the pure-petrol variety.
  • By 2050, Lexus will achieve carbon neutrality throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle, such as materials, parts and vehicle manufacturing, along with logistics, driving and disposal/recycling.

The press release also contains two important pieces of information about future models: Lexus plans to introduce the first PHEV in a mass-market model in 2021 and a completely new model dedicated to BEVs in 2022.

You won’t be surprised to hear us say that the PHEV model must be the upcoming NX 450h+ set to debut very soon. After the debut of the LF-Z Electrified and the prior RZ 450e trademark, it seems quite likely that the BEV model referenced by Lexus will indeed be the all-electric RZ.

One more nugget for enthusiasts: Lexus also confirmed that future EVs will indeed come with the torque-vectoring DIRECT4 all wheel drive system:

Future Lexus electrified models will feature DIRECT4 and steer-by-wire systems. DIRECT4, our four-wheel-drive torque distribution technology, combines highly-precise drive force control with responsive steer-by-wire systems that greatly enhance vehicle reflexes, resulting in a high level of dynamic performance and a driving experience that appeals to all five senses.

As Lexus’ strategy for electrification comes into focus, it’s clear the brand will have a range of options and vehicles to fit different consumer needs and tastes.

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