Flagship Lexus LF Crossover Coming In 2023

Best Car has surfaced new information regarding a production version of the LF-1 Limitless Concept vehicle from 2018.

Allegedly called “LF” for production, the ultra-luxury flagship LF will come standard with a hybrid V6 powertrain and yes – you guessed it – an optional turbocharged 4.0L V8 with 651 horsepower. The V8 model will most likely be “LF F,” fitting in Lexus’ halo performance portfolio.

Best Car also reports that it will be built on a revised version of the GA-L platform, which is partially responsible for the delayed market introduction. Additional factors impacting the LF’s launch include final development of the new turbocharged V8, and most interestingly, an internal focus on making sure that the vehicle does not come to market “half finished.” Final product execution for the LF needs to be to Lexus flagship standards, and the article notes that Lexus is seeking the same type of market impact that was made with the original Lexus LS in 1989. That is a bold claim, but if the LF shakes up the ultra luxury crossover segment like the LS first did, we’ll say it was worth the wait.

・ Overall length × Overall width × Overall height: 5250 × 1900 × 1580mm
・ Wheelbase: 3125mm
・ Vehicle weight: 2400kg
・ Engine: V6, 3.5L + motor
・ Maximum output / maximum torque: 299ps / 36.3kgm
・ Motor output : 180ps / 30.6kgm
・ Drive system: FR & 4WD
・ Estimated release date: 2023
・ Estimated price: 15 to 20 million yen

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