Interview: Lexus Chief Engineer Discusses EV Strategy

Here’s an interview with new Lexus Chief Engineer Takashi Watanabe on the brand’s EV strategy:

Even with a pure-electric drivetrain, Lexus wants to maintain its driving character — this quote is telling:

“I think EV-only makers will likely further pursue the appeal of EV-ness through traits such as sharp, seamless acceleration and instant torque, which are the benefits of using motors. I think they will become significant characteristics of cars made by those EV-only makers.

“For Lexus, though, I believe that by taking values that can only be realised through EVs and blending in the brand’s unique identity and distinctive driving taste, we will be able to create EVs that offer the one-of-a-kind originality you can only find in a Lexus… basically, Lexus-ness.”