Building a Lexus LFA Out of Lego

Lasse Deleuran is an accomplished LEGO craftsman specializing in car models. He recently shared the following story on the Lexus Enthusiast forums.

I was commissioned to build a LEGO model of the Lexus LFA for a Toyota conference in Copenhagen. The LFA was chosen because it is Aiko Toyoda’s favorite car, and the model was to be given to him as a gift. This is how the model ended being displayed:

Lexus LFA Display 1

Lexus LFA Lego Display 2

Toyota Motor Europe was responsible for creating the display and model of the hotel – I only did the LEGO model.

The LEGO LFA went through a series of iterations before arriving at the version seen above:

Lexus LFA Lego Prototypes

With such a limited timeline, I am incredibly satisfied with the results – it usually takes me 3 months to construct a model like this! Luckily, I received client feedback on the project almost daily. If I didn’t get this, I can honestly say that the result would have been quite different.

After completion of the project, I started building another version, to see how much I could perfect the design without having any time constraint.

Lexus LFA Lego White

I have also made a video going through the whole process, which is really aimed at people who want to get an insight into how it is to build LEGO commissions. So if that is not for you, then please skip it.

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