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TRD Japan Releases Body Kit for Updated 2020 Lexus RX Crossover

Lexus RX TRD Body Kit

TRD Japan has released a body kit for the refreshed 2020 Lexus RX F SPORT — here’s a gallery showing off the full goods:

For the aero kit, there’s a front spoiler, side skirts, fender covers, and a rear diffuser — this package runs ¥650,000 ($6,110 USD), with the ¥285,000 ($2,680 USD) sport muffler to complete the look.

Also available are 21-inch forged aluminum wheels at ¥160,000 ($1,500 USD) each and 22-inch forged aluminum wheels at ¥162,500 ($1,530 USD) each. A front and rear performance damper set for ¥100,000 ($940 USD) can also be purchased.

Lexus RX TRD Body Kit Front & Rear


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I quite like this... makes me want to see what lexus could do with a higher-end crossover SUV design wise.

Looks better in the contrast color.

Interestingly, it seems this was in the japanese dealer materials:

But it's not the only one, looks like two other designs as well, can anyone more knowledgeable chime in?

Seems it might be this in the middle:

Also check out the new drive model selector option and clock options.

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