Video: Meet the Two Most Passionate Lexus LFA Owners Ever

Lexus USA has published a profile on Robert & Charity Lee and their LFA supercar:

(The Lees are friends of mine — they are two of the most passionate Lexus owners I’ve ever met, and wonderful people besides. Great to see them featured by Lexus.)

Lexus LFA
I absolutely loved this story. ❤️
wow, nothing I can say
The LFA already made me speechless!!!
Couple has appeared in several Lexus videos before. A few years ago, this video appeared of the same lady with her LFA.

That brought back some sweet memories. I had the distinct pleasure of spending time and a dinner with Robert and Charity Lee, and seeing their gorgeous LFA in person. They were super-nice, friendly and very down-to-Earth. Their honest enthusiasm certainly caught the eye of the powers-that-be at Lexus. LFA chief engineer Haruhiko Tanahashi told Charity Lee that he knew that no LFA was as loved by its owner as hers was.
I missed the video (it's been removed). Is there another link?
aw crap... should've just watched it yesterday