60,000 Hour Takumi Documentary Now Available for Watching

Lexus has just released the longest documentary ever made — 60,000 hours of film that explores the art of Japanese craftsmanship in a world increasingly built by robots.

Takumi: A 60,000-Hour Story on the Survival of Human Craft follows four Japanese artisans: a double Michelin-starred chef, a traditional paper-cutting artist, an automotive master craftsman and a carpenter for one of the oldest construction companies in the world.

Lexus Documentary Takumi

The full 60,000-hour version loops scenes of each artisan repeating the essential skills of their craft over and over again, and can be viewed online through this dedicated website. A more reasonable 54-minute version has been released on Prime Video, and I recommend you start here before committing thirty years of your life watching the full thing.


60,000 Hour Takumi Documentary Now Available for Watching

Watching will require eight hours a day, 250 days a year for 30 years.
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I just watched the 52” documentary on Prime video and I was expecting an extended focus on Lexus - since I’ve seen this documentary associated/promoted by Lexus - but they don’t really show anything interesting about the production process or little known facts.

It still is and enjoyable product with stunning visuals, also since it’s free...watch it.

Where can I find the 60.000 hours one?