Pure Electric Lexus ES Prototype Spotted in Japan?

Lexus ES Electric Sedan

A Lexus ES prototype has been spotted by Japanese magazine Mag-X, and the modifications are extreme — the camouflaged sedan appears to have much smaller rear doors and a truncated trunk:

Lexus ES MOdified Prototype Rear
Lexus ES Modified Sedan

Mag-X hypothesizes that the prototype could be the initial test for Lexus’ first full-electric sedan, though there’s nothing in the spy shots to prove the point definitively.

It’s the reduced size that garners the most speculation, as there’s no clear reason why Lexus would be testing a smaller wheelbase ES. Mag-X takes a bold stance, suggesting the next-generation IS will start with the front-wheel drive ES platform and convert it to rear-wheel drive. I have no idea how they reached this conclusion.

Lexus IS Electric Sedan

Perhaps the truth is too obvious — maybe Lexus has decided that a smaller version of the ES would be perfect for their first pure-electric sedan. The prototype measurements given by Mag-X (4650 x 1800 x 1450mm) match up quite well with the Tesla Model 3 (4690 x 1930 x 1440mm), and that’s a car that every luxury manufacturer has to be taking very seriously.

Lexus Mag-X Electric Sedan