Matt Farah’s Lexus LS 400 Reaches 1,000,000 Miles

The million-mile Lexus LS owned by auto journalist Matt Farah has finally lived up to its name, with the 1996 LS 400 reaching 1,000,000 miles this past week.

Lexus LS Odometer

Farah purchased the LS used for $1,500 USD with 897,000 miles on the odometer in 2014, with the plan to break the million-mile mark. Over the past four years, the car required over $17,000 in maintenance, plus $4,500 per year for the commercial insurance required to let other people help hit the mileage goal.

Farah said this in a comment on Jalopnik:

The virtue of this LS400 is that even as a car that has been treated like garbage for the last, who knows how long, it can still get to the million. I had no fewer than a hundred different drivers in this car in the last 4 years, and it still got the job done. I gave virtually no explanations to anyone besides, “Drive safe, have fun,” and not a single person in four years got stranded for anything besides a dead battery.

Why would I do [this]? Exposure? No, this was not worth $35,000 in marketing value. I did it for the car – because I felt the car deserved to make it, and because “All Cars Go to Heaven.” Sound dumb? is dumb. But that’s what I do because cars are my life.

Lexus LS: First Generation
They oughta do a full restoration on it and drive another million miles.
Ian Schmidt
They oughta do a full restoration on it and drive another million miles.
Or at least provide him with new wheel caps...
My IS at 142,000 miles is but a baby! If it continues to run as it has for the past 90,000 miles it will be a case of who goes first, me or the car...