The Life Dramatic: Six New Lexus UX Commercials from Japan

Lexus Japan has gone unconventional for their first UX crossover marketing campaign, creating six small video vignettes focusing on two people living the “LIFE DRAMATIC”:

(The randomness of the cuts and strangeness of the scenes will not be for everyone, but there’s a range of emotion that’s unlike most commercials. The diner fight and the cliff-side-tumble are my two favorites.)

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I think I saw the same concept of helpful in previous Lexus ad. It's like part II
they expect 1500 per month in the US, i wonder what will be the actual number.
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  • December 10, 2018
No CLIO award here ...
Short, choppy and light on product associations. At 31, perhaps I am outside of the demographic here :D
The demographic for these commercials is Japanese, so most of us are outside of it :cool:
Well, I loved them!