Lexus RC F Track Edition to Debut at Detroit Auto Show

Lexus RC F Track Edition

Just announced today, Lexus will debut a track edition of the RC F coupe at the Detroit Auto Show in January. The press release revealed little more than the image above, but an article in Automotive News has more detail:

Bob Carter, Toyota’s executive vice president for North America sales, told Automotive News: “There’s still some of us that like to drive fast, and there’s some of us that like to drive really fast. And for those customers, we have something they’ll enjoy.”

Production will be “very very limited,” Carter said.

“With the exception of LF-A, this is the fastest most powerful vehicle that we’ve ever built,” he said.

The RC F Track Edition will likely retain the ‎5.0L 2UR-GSE V8 from the standard RC F, though with a power boost that takes it past the 471 horsepower in the LC 500. As a pure guess, 500 horsepower would be a great target.

The debut will be livestreamed from Detroit on January 14th, with the RC F Track Edition going on sale later in the Spring of 2019.