New Lexus ES Commercial Written Entirely by Artificial Intelligence

Lexus ES Artificial Intelligence

Lexus has debuted a commercial written completely by artificial intelligence, and it’s strangely compelling:

Built by technical partner Visual Voice with support from IBM Watson, the AI was trained with fifteen years of award-winning luxury commercials and detailed information on the Lexus brand. The resulting script was then filmed by Oscar-winning director Kevin McDonald.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes documentary explaining just how the whole thing worked:

In speaking with Marketing Week, Lexus Europe brand manager Michael Tripp envisions a future where AI plays an essential role in marketing:

“Our ambition under this umbrella is not to replace the human element but to augment it. Philosophically, could this cut out or change the creative aspect of this process? Yes. But our strategy at Lexus is we believe in man plus machine.

“I could never ask you to go look at 15 years of award-winning films and give me that data, but I can now get that and use it to inform our creative.”