Poll: What Should be the First Lexus F Brand Crossover/SUV?

Lexus First F Crossover

At the Lexus UX launch in Stockholm earlier this month, chief engineer Chika Kako admitted that a high-performance variant of the new sub-compact crossover was not under consideration. While this could be some form of future-product chess move, the question remains: Which Lexus SUV/crossover will be the first to wear the F brand badge?

Fundamentally, this is an exercise that requires some imagination — both the NX and RX use platforms that could not support the driving dynamics of a F brand model, whereas the GX and LX are at the stage in their lifecycles when the old-age pensions start to kick in. Outside of the UX, any F brand crossover would need to be a next-generation model.

There’s an argument for each — the RX is the best selling vehicle in the USA and would have mass-appeal, the NX is a global powerhouse, and a GX F or LX F would just be plain bad-ass. And all of this is discounting the elephant in the room, that being a rear-wheel drive flagship crossover based on the beautiful LF-1 Limitless concept.

Let’s get to it, shall we — cast your vote here and make your argument in the forums! The top model will be announced next week.