Lexus Mid-Year 2018 Global Sales Report

Lexus RX L

Lexus has sold 327,838 vehicles worldwide in the first six months of 2018, representing a 7% increase over last year. Let’s break down the volume by region:

Country Approximate Sales % Change vs. 2017
North America 147,000 ≃0%
China (+ Hong Kong) 69,000 +14%
Europe 39,000 +7%
Japan 33,000 +50%
Middle East 15,000 -13%
East Asia 16,000 +21%

While sales have remained flat in North America and dipped in the Middle East, every other part of the world is on the upswing. Most impressive is the 50% jump in Japan, where the LS sedan, LC coupe, and the release of the LX SUV have made a major impact.

The global disinterest in sedans continues to hurt Lexus, as their lineup is light on crossover options. That said, the RX is a dominant force worldwide with 88,369 units sold, accounting for nearly 27% of all Lexus sales.

Projected out, Lexus could see global sales reach a record-setting 684,000 vehicles this year, a number that will only be boosted by the introduction of the seventh-generation ES sedan.