Autoweek Review: The Three-Row Lexus RX 350L

Mark Vaughn at Autoweek has posted his thoughts on the new three-row Lexus RX 350L:

So into the third row went the shortest kid, and I felt kind of bad sending him there. But the middle row slides up fairly easily and the middle seatback flips forward, so access to that cramped rear is not too difficult. Then you slide the middle row back until you hear a squeaking sound from the kid in the third row, and at that point you lock the second row in place by flipping the seatback to vertical again. He had his own climate control and cup holders so I guess he was okay.

The rest of the kids then filled in like high tide. Everyone seemed happy, but no one heard a peep from the kid in the way back. Poor kid. Good thing I remembered he was there or he would have gone to work with me. That might have done him some good, learn to type, at least.

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