New Lexus LS F SPORT Body Kit from TRD Japan

Lexus LS TRD Body Kit

TRD Japan has announced a body kit for the all-new fifth-generation Lexus LS F SPORT — here are both the standard and blacked-out editions:

Broken down, the set is a front spoiler, side skirts, a trunk spoiler, and a full rear diffuser/sports muffler set. Along with the body kit, there are two new forged aluminum wheels — one is 20-inch, the other is 21-inch:

Lexus LS TRD Wheel 20-inch
Lexus LS TRD Wheel 21-inch

As for price, the body kit including the sports muffler is ¥660,000 ($5,830 USD). A hefty price, to be sure, but the wheels are where it gets really expensive — the 20-inch wheels will retail for ¥652,000 ($5,760 USD), and the 21-inch wheels are an eye-watering ¥684,000 ($6,040 USD).

(Currently offered in Japan, no word on availability in other regions.)