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New Lexus LS F SPORT Body Kit from TRD Japan

Lexus LS TRD Body Kit

TRD Japan has announced a body kit for the all-new fifth-generation Lexus LS F SPORT — here are both the standard and blacked-out editions:

Broken down, the set is a front spoiler, side skirts, a trunk spoiler, and a full rear diffuser/sports muffler set. Along with the body kit, there are two new forged aluminum wheels — one is 20-inch, the other is 21-inch:

Lexus LS TRD Wheel 20-inch

Lexus LS TRD Wheel 21-inch

As for price, the body kit including the sports muffler is ¥660,000 ($5,830 USD). A hefty price, to be sure, but the wheels are where it gets really expensive — the 20-inch wheels will retail for ¥652,000 ($5,760 USD), and the 21-inch wheels are an eye-watering ¥684,000 ($6,040 USD).

(Currently offered in Japan, no word on availability in other regions.)

TRD beats itself with the upgrade of this LS and the LC
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  • November 1, 2017
Anyone know the starting price of the LS460? Today they released the Package pricing to dealers and you can preorder as of now but they don't say a starting price? 34k for the executive package :eek:
LS460 is the outgoing model. I assume you mean the 2018 LS500? If so, base will be around $75,000 I think, not much more than the current car.
I don't think this is the TRD but
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  • November 2, 2017
oh boy cant believe I called it the 460.. going to be hard getting to use to the 500 and 300 replacing the 200t they are rolling out now. but they are taking preorders in the US now. Interior upgrade package will be 9k and the luxury package will be 25k. Not sure if this is the price lexus will keep it at but even more interesting is the Dynamic Nav (real time updates from the cloud for the Nav) and Wifi from verizon going into the RC, NX, and LS. Also the dynamic voice recognition in these cars can give siri a run for her money. But I was trying to argue the 70k starting point and everyone thinks it is going to be a halo 100k+ car. I will know more after my trip to atlanta in a week.