2010 Lexus HS 250h Recalled for Transaxle Manufacturing Issue

Lexus USA has announced a safety recall of 2010 Lexus HS 250h vehicles to resolve an issue with the transaxle assembly.

This manufacturing issue in the transaxle assembly may cause components to wear, leading to a potential short circuit. For the most part, the driver will be warned of this issue through the instrument panel, and the vehicle will enter a fail-safe mode that reduces acceleration. This allows the driver to safely bring the vehicle to a stop.

Under rare conditions, the hybrid system could shut down. Power steering and braking assist will continue to function normally, but this shut down while driving at higher speeds could increase the risk of a crash.

Approximately 18,000 vehicles are involved. Lexus dealers will replace the hybrid vehicle transaxle assembly with a new one at no cost to customers. All known owners of the involved vehicles will be notified by first class mail by late November.

Thanks, Krew. Wonder if this includes the Prius...they share at least some drive-train components.
I'll have to call my Lexus dealer (Longo Lexus) regarding this issue and see what they say.