Lexus Russia Opens New Brand Space in Moscow

Lexus Dome Russia

Lexus Russia has opened up a new brand space in Moscow called Lexus Dome, and it’s truly something else:

Located on the sixth floor of the OKO complex in downtown Moscow, Lexus Dome is a full-on immersive experience — there’s a flagship gallery currently displaying the LC 500, a Takumi cafe and Mark Levinson listening station, not to mention a glass & bamboo forest:

While similar to the INTERSECT BY LEXUS spaces in Tokyo & Dubai, the Lexus Dome looks to be quite different in execution — here’s an in-depth video of the construction (Russian language only):

Lexus Dome is open to the public seven days a week, and hosts multiple events per month — full details are available on the Lexus Russia website.

Bravo, Lexus! You always bring a dealership to the next level.
Alexander Li
Bravo, Lexus! You always bring a dealership to the next level.
I should point out that this isn't a dealership -- more a meeting/eating/relaxing space that's like the inside of a Lexus vehicle. :cool:
FYI, Russia is one of the biggest markets for Lexus, one of the few where they can compete with German 3 in sales on equal basis... this is most likely due to Russians buying petrols unlike rest of the Europe. Ratio of hybrid sales is very small and Russia is more like USA than any other market in the world - this is where bigger cars get sold more.