It's already polarizing ... why all the angles?

It's probably going to sell but not in the same way a G65 or X5M would.
I love it!!!!
@Mohammed Taha it will sell tons more than the vehicles you mentioned in the Middle East and specifically the GCC countries. We already gave a thread about this btw.
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  • August 10, 2017
As for pricing, in Russia it comes with a fully packed version based on Luxury 21+ for $116900. The only available option is a black ceiling (+ $317).
@Mohammed Taha In the GCC they will sell so much more of this LX than the vehicles you mentioned. @krew We already have a thread about this LX. Can we please combine everything in my original thread? We can have megathread and update as more pictures become available inside out.

As someone who was born in the UAE and lived most of their life there, I have come to understand their buying behavior and what they like. For example, the Supercharged LX did not sell well, I only saw 2 before I left in 2015.

Most won't buy a car just because it costs more or looks hardcore. They buy cars that improve their image in society, as shallow as that sounds. I can't speak for the rest of the GCC though so results may vary.

What I assume will sell well in the upcoming months is the new Range Rover Velar.

I would like to be wrong but I highly doubt it.
@Mohammed Taha They only officially made around 200 Supercharged versions ( Late MY2014) so availability per dealer was limited. ( Lots of people have been converting the regular LX to look like the Supercharged version which makes it seem like they made much more than 200 )

This also should not be compared to the Supercharged LX 570, it will be produced in much larger numbers and will be priced less than the supercharged version.
This is more like the 2010-2011 / 2014-2015 LX with the Sport bodykit.
I don't think this is all that polarizing looking, or at least not in the way the current RX and NX are often claimed to be. It's quite similar to the stock LX, just a little bit less boxy and with a much cooler version of the spindle grille.
Going to try to get this kit..... I love it..
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