Videos: The New Lexus LS Semi-Autonomous Safety Systems in Action

Lexus LS Safety System

Japanese website Car Watch has posted extensive video demonstrations of the new Lexus LS Safety System + A, and the tech here is very impressive.

Lexus CoDrive

Lexus CoDrive adds Lane Change Assist (LCA) and Lane Tracing Assist (LTA) to assist steering the driver on highways. It coordinates with the LS’s HUD and multi-information display to clearly notify the driver of the state of support provided.

Parking Support Brakes

With the aim of reducing damage from accidents when parking, low-speed braking support systems have been integrated into a single package. Intelligent Clearance Sonar (ICS) and Rear Cross Traffic Auto Brake (RCTAB) is the world’s first rear pedestrian detection, and in the case of a possible collision, will assist to minimizes damages by using alerts and brake control.

Pedestrian Alert & Active Steering Assist

The new LS is equipped with Pedestrian Alert, a world-first technology that can identify the walking direction of a pedestrian, and Active Steering Assist, which can automatically controls steering and braking.

Front Cross Traffic Alert (FCTA)

To help prevent collisions at intersections, FCTA is meant to detect forward cross-traffic vehicles. It uses forward direction radar and is the first in the world to alert drivers of the oncoming vehicle’s direction. Alerts are displayed using the LS’s HUD, and should the driver ignore this message, warnings are also issued by a buzzer and the LS’s multi-information display.

Driver Emergency Stop Assist (coordinated with LTA)

Should a driver disengage from driving while Lane Tracing Assist is active, Driver Emergency Stop Assist will issues audio and visual alerts while gently decelerating the vehicle.