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Sneak Peek: Lexus LS 500 Body Kit from TRD Japan!

Lexus LS 500 TRD Japan

Looks like today has a theme — first was the early look at Wald International’s upcoming Lexus LC 500 body kit, and now we have a sneak peek at TRD Japan’s take on the LS 500 F SPORT thanks to the Lexon USA Instagram account:

Lexus LS TRD Japan

There are no firm details on the TRD BLACK EDITION just yet, but this blurry image reveals an LS F SPORT taken up to the next level — squint, and you might even be able to imagine a potential LS F flagship.

In love
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  • August 3, 2017
Usually not a fan of kits at all. However this is one of the rare exceptions. In this specific white-black color combination, this looks very sharp.
TRD's been on point with their body kits lately, the LC one was spectacular, and this LS one is super-sharp too.