Discussion: The Future of the Lexus LX

Photographer Kevin Uy sent over some photos of the Lexus LX 570 that I just had to share:

This gets me thinking — considering the way Lexus is going, does the LX stil fit alongside the flagship LC coupe and LS sedan, or does Lexus need a new full-size crossover with stronger on-road performance credentials?

Not sure which way I’m leaning, but the bold LX redesign at the end of 2015 certainly makes more sense in retrospect. In terms of pure style, it sits comfortably with the LS & LC at the top of the lineup. Looking at the full package, though, and I wonder if there needs to be a crossover better aligned with the current Lexus dynamic performance push. The LX is many things, but it’s still a body-on-frame truck that could never be described as nimble on the road.

What do you think? Is the LX still king, or does Lexus need to start considering an upgrade?

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