Video: Lexus Creates LED-Covered IS F SPORT

As part of a collaboration with Vevo and singer Dua Lipa, Lexus has built an LED-covered IS that responds to music and motion:

From the press release:

The custom car produces 175,000 lumens when fully illuminated, and the LED strips, if placed end-to-end, would stretch half a mile in length. Three distinct modes allow the LIT IS to interact with sounds and people in its vicinity.

Attract mode features a loop of colorful graphics that highlight the strong lines of the IS and play into its bold styling. Music Viz mode is designed to respond to music, as the LEDs will create custom, responsive displays that perfectly sync to any song. Gesture mode allows the motion of the LED animations to be controlled by users’ hand movements with the help of a gaming console.

The LIT IS was featured in Dua Lipa’s “Be the One” music video, and is capable of producing some pretty stunning visuals:

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