CAR Magazine Comparison: Lexus RC F Wins Over BMW M4 & Ford Mustang

The Lexus RC F has been declared the winner of a CAR Magazine comparison with the Ford Mustang & BMW M4, much to the surprise of journalist Ben Barry:

No, after two days’ driving I’m coming to a conclusion that even I didn’t expect: nothing ticks all the boxes quite like the Lexus. The RCF’s gearbox can’t compete with the M4’s techno masterpiece, it could be lighter and it could be cheaper, but I find it seriously engaging.

Think of the RCF as the place where a Nissan GT-R and a last-gen BMW M3 crossover meet and you’re somewhere close; the crazy Gundam-robot-like Japanese design, the barking V8, the frisky but perfectly balanced chassis, all of it feeds into a package that feels unique yet somehow déjà vu.

(This is an extensive and well done comparison — highly recommend reading the whole thing.)

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