Video: The Lexus #OMGSF Takes On The Tail of the Dragon

Very proud to present this video feature of the Lexus Southern x Vossen #OMGSF on the Tail of the Dragon US 129 highway:

Lexus Enthusiast is tied closely with the #OMGSF — our community named the customized car back in April, our site administrator Mike Forsythe stars in the video, and a number of our sponsors were involved in the build. Here’s a breakdown of the mods:

  • Wheels: Vossen Space Grey Forged VPS-302T Wheels (20in x 9.5in Front and 20in x 11in Rear)
  • Tires: Pirelli P-Zero Tires (255/30ZR R20XL Front and 295/30ZR 20XL Rear)
  • Suspension: RS-R Prototype Coilover Suspension System
  • Exhaust: A’PEXi USA GS F N1-X SPL Exhaust
  • Intake: A’PEXi USA GS F Blue Performance Intake
  • Vehicle Wrap: ORAFOL Green Blue Shift Effect Cast Wrap with RapidAir® Technology

(I also recommend reading Mike’s insider look on the Vossen Blog at building the #OMGSF and his experience on the Tail of the Dragon.)

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