EuropeLexus GS F: First Generation

Lexus GS F Travels Germany’s Autobahn: A Story from Road & Track

Lexus GS F Germany Autobahn

Neal Pollack of Road & Track takes a Lexus GS F on the full tour of Germany’s unlimited speed Autobahn:

As I push the GS F toward 230 km/h (143 mph), my sweaty hands squeeze the wheel. Already, my brain has started to frizz. My guts feel like poached eggs.

Driving 100-plus-mph for five minutes is an unparalleled thrill; for a whole day, an exhausting but exhilarating kick. Four straight days tests your stamina.

Still, when the white circle with the gray lines flashes, I answer its call. The GS F agrees. Its exuberant styling probably seems silly to the owners of the blacked-out Audis and Mercedes accompanying me in the left lane, but the Lexus, too, is honoring and celebrating speed—speed these Germans take for granted.