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Lexus Sells 1,000,000th Hybrid Vehicle

Lexus Hybrid Lineup

Lexus has reached the milestone of 1,000,000 hybrids sold since the introduction of the RX 400h in April 2005 — here are some charts breaking down hybrid sales by region and model:

Hybrid Sales By Market

Market Sales Since 2005 (approx.) Sales in 2015
North America 345.5k 38,540
Europe 237.5k 40,629
Japan 225k 31,420
China/Hong Kong 97k 21,120
East Asia 62k 11,151
Oceania 19.5k 3,535
Asia 8.5k 1,294
Other 5k 1,343

Hybrid Sales by Model

Model Sales Since 2005 (approx.)
RX 335k
CT 267k
ES 118k
HS 67k
NX 63k
GS 53k
IS 51.5k
LS 41k
RC 3.8k

Despite higher overall sales, North America has ceded hybrid leadership to Europe — perhaps not that surprising given that most European regions no longer offer petrol/gas models.

Nearly every row of the model-by-model breakdown is a storyline — the RX is certainly the highest selling Lexus hybrid line, but it had a significant head start over every other model.

The ES hybrid is another curiosity, as it’s not offered in all regions and still manages to be the third best-selling model — the gas vs. hybrid ES sales in North America must be a fairly even split.