Top Gear Comparison: Lexus GS F vs. BMW M5 30 Jahre

Lexus GS F vs BMW M5 30 Jahre

Top Gear has a comparison of the 467-horsepower Lexus GS F and the M5 30 Jahre, the 30th anniversary 600-horsepower edition of BMW’s super sedan — despite the power difference, it was a close competition:

But what I’m trying to convey is that you shouldn’t write the Lexus off – in fact although this isn’t a very super-saloony comment, if the Lexus had a simpler, more satisfying interior design and a less hopeless infotainment system (the mouse set-up is utterly awful) it would have run the BMW closer.

The GS F is a less polished, honed and deft product than the M5, the Hyde side lurking closer to the surface. But there’s something to be said for that: it’s a little less grown up, arguably the more fun, thrashable and amusing of the pair.