Have Questions for Senior Lexus Executives at the Detroit Auto Show?

Lexus Questions Pattern

Lexus Enthusiast editor Kevin Watts will be at the Detroit Auto Show in Detroit this week, bringing you all the latest on the “unprecedented” Lexus vehicle reveal.

We have also scheduled interviews with Lexus International executive vice president Mark Templin and Lexus USA general manager Jeff Bracken, and want to give you an opportunity to ask some questions.

All questions must be submitted by Monday, January 11th at 5pm ET/2pm PT. A couple important points:

  • We will not be able to ask all questions.
  • Lexus executives will not discuss future products. For the most part, questions regarding unreleased or rumored vehicles will not be asked.

(Submissions from premium members should be posted in the dedicated forum. There’s also a special secret bonus interview for premium members only, be sure to check it out!)