Lexus RC F Competes in Annual Car & Driver Lightning Lap

Lexus RC F Car Driver Lightning Lap

The Lexus RC F competed in the annual Car & Driver Lightning Lap, finishing last in its class and mid-pack in the overall rankings — from the RC F feature:

Almost everywhere on VIR, the Lexus closely trails the Mustang GT, the nearest analogue to a Camaro in this test. Were it 200 pounds lighter like the Ford, the RC F might even have caught the Mustang.

Sure, the RC F would be quicker if you could get it to turn at higher cornering speeds. It pulls 0.93 g in Horse Shoe, a so-so stat that indicates the understeer with which the driver is always grappling. In faster bends the car glues down and stays flat, its speed limited by the power available.

Of note, the RC F’s lap time is .4 seconds behind the 2011 IS F in the historical rankings. This is something that could no doubt be attributed to track/temperature differences year-over-year, but that lack of improvement also explains why the RC F struggled in this year’s comparison.