Video: Lexus RC x Rocket Bunny Double Trouble

The Greddy x Rocket Bunny body kit for the Lexus RC & RC F is a major modification, requiring deep cuts into the fenders and plenty of bravery bolting everything together.

I recently saw both an RC 350 F SPORT & RC F done up Rocket Bunny-style during ImportFest in Toronto, and today we have a feature on the two vehicles from site sponsor Vossen Wheels — let’s start with the video:

There are huge galleries on the Vossen blog, but here’s a selection of images from the accompanying photo shoot:

Along with the Rocket Bunny kits, both RCs have the 20″ Vossen Forged Precision Series VPS-310 wheels — the combination is absolutely wild, especially in person. Definitely a site to behold.

Vossen is an official sponsor of Lexus Enthusiast. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.

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