Photos: The Lexus GS F in the Sonoran Desert

Lexus GS F BEYOND Magazine

BEYOND Magazine has a short feature on the upcoming Lexus GS F high-performance sedan — here’s a quote:

The GS F, Yaguchi says, is the perfect mix between functionality and craftsmanship. “We had no intention of being crafty for the sake of it,” he says. “Everything in this car is there for a reason.” Here, the GS F comes to a halt on a desert road, revealing its elongated profile.

“This car will stand the test of time,” says Yaguchi, “because it is designed to appeal to the human senses.” Who should drive the GS F ? “Anybody who wants to enjoy driving,” Yaguchi says.

The feature is accompanied by some very nice photography, here’s a selection:

Now that we’ve seen the updated GS debut at Pebble Beach, what’s your feeling on how the standard model GS and the GS F relate? Are they too similar or too different? Share your opinion in the comments!