New Details on the Production Lexus LF-LC

Lexus LF-LC

The Chunichi Shimbun newspaper in Japan has some interesting insight into the production version of the Lexus LF-LC — here’s a Google translation of the original article:

Besides fuel consumption and driving performance is to introduce a new design approach significantly improved and weight reduction by employing aluminum or carbon fiber to 80 percent degree of the vehicle body.

Toyota is promoting a new development by the new design approach “TNGA” for sharing the basic skeleton across the car, [the production LF-LC] will be the first introduction in the Lexus brand. TNGA in addition to improve fuel efficiency is 15-25% more than the current car, the development period becomes two percent short, it is expected to be focused on the minute design and equipment development. Basic skeleton that has been developed in the new car is also applied to “LS” or luxury sedan “Crown”.

It’s always difficult to get accurate information from machine translation, but CFRP body panels and the next-generation platform will add up to some significant weight savings. Even better, both the production LF-LC and the next-generation LS will benefit from these advancements.

(If both models are set for a 2016 debut, it’s going to be a monumental year.)

Source: Chunichi Shimbun