Lexus Dominates 2015 Auto Express Driver Power Study

The 2015 Auto Express Driver Power survey of over 61,000 British drivers has named Lexus the best manufacturer and the Lexus IS the Best Car to Own in Britain.

The IS was also named Best Compact Executive Car and Best for Ease of Driving. The RX took the Comfiest Seats category.

Rounded out the awards with the Best Build Quality was the Lexus NX, which also finished sixth overall in the Best Car to Own rankings.

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AwardsLexus IS: Third GenerationLexus NX: First GenerationLexus RX: Third GenerationUnited Kingdom
  • V
  • April 22, 2015
Great job Lexus ! Lexus is hard to beat when it comes to the real world
  • A
  • April 22, 2015
let others win car of the year and so forth. Lexus wins customers
  • T
  • April 22, 2015
Awesome win. These are the post your will never see car blog like Autoblog and the rest put up. Lexus is making great cars but some sites wont give them the credit but will boost up Benz Audi BMW. At least we kno whats what. Great job lexus !
  • L
  • April 23, 2015
Lexus topped last years J D Power customer satisfaction survey too in the UK whilst dominating the J D Power survey's for a decade in the USA. Surely these so called journo's writing for Autocar/Express etc. are either: a. total badge snobs, b. bribed by the Germans, 3. just dumb BMW fan boys! There seems little objectivity whenever a Lexus vehicle is reviewed, the media often criticise its handling or lack of driver involvement but happily ignore class leading ownership experience, reliability, low repair costs and excellent fit and finish and on top of that Lexus throws in all the bells and whistles which cost thousands at competitors dealerships.