The Lexus LF-SA: A Teaser of the Geneva Concept

Lexus LF-SA

Lexus have released a teaser of the Geneva concept — it’s called the LF-SA, and it’s small:

Lexus LF-SA Full

Here’s the full press release:

An illustration of Lexus’ passion for upcoming design trends, the LF-SA concept explores unexpected territories for the brand in a bold and emotional execution.

In a future world which many people see as increasingly influenced by technology and virtual experiences, the LF-SA concept is also a driver-focused vehicle, reflecting Lexus’ vision that real experience will remain ultimate luxury.

As with any darkened image like this, let’s brighten it up and see what’s revealed:

Lexus LF-SA Brightened Up

There’s plenty that can be seen in this image:

  • With the tiny hood and the small roof, this is quite clearly a small vehicle.
  • Judging by the light wheel outline, it’s almost certainly a car.
  • The huge grille and its fractal pattern is very cool.

We can even analyze the name — the “S” could stand for small and “A” could be a nod to the “A-Segment” in Europe, which would make the LF-SA a potential competitor with the Mini Cooper, Audi A1, and Fiat 500.

Could Lexus really building a city car? Putting aside my personal feelings that yes, they absolutely should, a concept does not necessarily mean that a production model is on its way. Still, no point in assuming too much — there’s a limit to what can be determined from a near-black teaser image and a few letters.

The LF-SA concept will be revealed at the Lexus Press Conference at the Geneva Motor Show on March 3rd, 2015 at 2:30am EST/12:30pm PST.